Winning Entry!

There’s a farmer who never used PPE
He was left unable to hear or see
His children learned quickly
Lessons to farm more slickly
Protection is needed and always key

Submitted by J Davidson

Honorable Mentions

Bakers, hair nets please, no, “double dips” spoons
Wash your hands, be clean, not sloppy buffoons
Cover each and every sneeze
Keep hands clear of mixers, please –
As no plans to bake, “Lady Fingers” soon!

Submitted by R Elliot

There once was a man who worked on a line
He felt like hurrying and rushing was fine
He stepped on a jack
Fell flat on his back
And now he has rods in his spine!

Submitted by M. Oxenford

Other Great Entries!

Children should never play in grain
May past mistakes not be in vain
Teach future generations
Give them proper foundations
To achieve greatness and none of the blame

Submitted by J Davidson

Make safety priority number one
That does not mean there is no room for fun
Incidents can cause pains
dealing with insurance claims
When accidents are none, our job is done

Submitted by J Davidson

Make play area more fun than the farm
Never place a child in the way of harm
Farms are very hectic
Risks from tractors and electric
Being unsafe could cost a leg or an arm

Submitted by J Davidson

When you practice safety and health
You gain a great deal of wealth
Human life cannot be replaced
A loss no one should face
So always choose safety and value health

Submitted by J Davidson

There was a man from the Hawkeye State
Who worried about farmers’ high mortality rate
So through research he did find
A method that eased his mind
And the rest he happily left to fate

Submitted by Patrick

With NIOSH are employers agreeing
Quite happy with what they are seeing –
They’ve increased their wealth
Through Total Worker Health
And improved employees’ well-being.

Submitted by B. Evanoff

Harvesting harvesting crops
The farmers forgot their ROPs.
They hit a dip

and their tractors flipped
And the two rolled down the hilltop.

Submitted by K. Faust

There once was a worker named Chase
Who handled toxic waste with haste
Gave it the kibosh
When he developed Godzilla-face.

Submitted by Vingie

There once was a champion rural jogger;
a real star to athletic stat-loggers.
Until one day on the farm
it all ended in alarm,
when his foot got caught in the auger.

Submitted by K. Faust

OEH is a department we know
Its Centers help bring in the dough
The professors are great
The staff are first rate
And the students, they all really glow

With apologies. Peter

Sometimes power lines snap
After a thunderous clap
Should this come your way
Stay 35 feet or more away
Or you might get a zap.

Submitted by J. Thissen